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2022-2023 Roster


Sarah Traenkle '23

Hometown: Los Angeles, Ca

Position: Scrum half

Major: Biochemistry and LGBTQ studies

Favorite part: Tackling people and scoring tries



Kristen Mast '23

Hometown: Lancaster, PA

Position: inside center

Major: chemistry major, physics and

german minors

favorite part: going to war with my team



Ellie Humphreys '24

HomeTown: Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

Position: eight-man

Major: astrophysics and computer


favorite part: the passion and love everyone on the team feels for the sport



Molly Abruzzese '25

Hometown: Reading, MA, USA

Position: Flanker

Major: Environmental Studies

Favorite Part: I love rugby because of

the amazing community

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Zj'kyla Brumfield '26

HomeTown: Jackson, MS

Position: Flanker

Major: neuroscience

Favorite part: the people


Ella Cassulo '25

Hometown: Alamo, ca

Position: prop

Major: Molecular biology

favorite part: dancing to "ain't no

mountain high enough"


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Stella Damrauer '25

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Position: outside center

Major: psychology

favorite part: kaleigh


Lauren Dirvonas '23

HomeTown: Vail, CO

Position: fullback

Major: international relations and

political science

Favorite part: i have found a home among

an empowering group of individuals

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Eva Foketi '26

Hometown: fort Polk, la

Position: wing

Major: molecular Biology

Favorite part: get to hit people three

times my size and getting hit by them


Kate harper '25

Hometown: Morristown, NJ

Position: wing

Major: political science and Spanish

favorite part: the people


Kiara Hills '23

HomeTown: Ashland, oR

Position: lock

Major: biology major, global public and

environmental health minor

favorite part: all my amazing teammates

Recruitment Chair

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Vivian klemmer '26

HomeTown: Lancaster, pa

Position: lock

Major: environmental geology 

favorite part: camaraderie of the team


Mariah loiacono '24

Hometown: Rochester, ny

Position: flanker

Major: physics major, mathematics minor

favorite part: raising hell with a special

group of people that always have each other's backs

President of Administration


jasmin lopez '23

HomeTown: phoenix, az

Position: tighthead prop

Major: Geography Major, Religion and      asian studies minors

Favorite Part: meeting the toughest and   craziest people on campus


Hannah Meyerowitz '25

HomeTown: Short Hills, Nj

Position: fly half

Major: biology

favorite part: love seeing my team all

the time

Recruitment Chair

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Kayla mistica '25

HomeTown: townsend, de

Position: Wing

Major: computer science

favorite part: the people.

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eloise nelson '25

HomeTown: loveland, co

Position: wing

Major: peace and conflict major, LGBTQ   and Arabic minor


favorite part: backward passing


Miriya Pinkerman '23

HomeTown: lincoln, NB

Position: Hooker

Major: physics major, economics minor,   and pre-engineering path

favorite part: the friendships i've made     and being in the scrum

vice president of outreach

DEI chair

Screenshot (112)_edited.jpg

sarah salzman '26

HomeTown: manhAttan, ny

Position: lock

Major: film and media studies major,

lgbtq studies minor

favorite part: the competitiveness and     tight-knit team

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Sophie Shaffer

HomeTown: Philadelphia, pa

Position: back

Major: psychology and education 

favorite part: Being able to play a unique sport with the most inspiring individuals i've had the pleasure to know


Cat wang '23

HomeTown: Schenectady, ny

Position: wing

Major: environmental studies and economics 

favorite part: the constant encouragement and support from teammates 


gianna woods '24

Hometown: Houston, tx

Position: tight five

Major: theater major, philosophy minor

favorite part: being on a team of amazing



Kaleigh Wright '25

Hometown: Millburn, NJ

Position: Lock

Major: Environmental studies and       anthropology

favorite part: this team is my family

Vice President of Administration

and alumni


Screenshot (112)_edited.jpg

Lita Wright '23

Hometown: Solvang, ca

Position: outside center 

Major: Psychology and English major 

favorite part: celebrating together

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