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Following a year without formal competition, Colgate's Men's and Women's Rugby Teams hit the ground running with two strong regular season schedules. Colgate Rugby has resumed playing with an emphasis on increasing the teams' competition levels. The ruggers' hard work on the pitch, working to develop a simple but effective offensive structure, has translated into great success during games. Both the men's and women's teams have also placed a focus on mindfulness and flexibility this semester, through yoga sessions following their games. Culturally, Colgate Rugby has aimed to create a stronger community by better connecting our players to uphold the "family" pillar of our program. Part of this family includes our alumni, and it has been inspiring to see this part of our rugby community return to Academy Field during home games to be a part of our fan base. Colgate Rugby looks forward to entering the women's playoff season, and a strong upcoming spring season for both the men's and women's sides! As we approach the new year, be on the lookout for both an invite to our annual winter social in New York City (it will be in person this year) and details around how we will celebrate the 55th anniversary of Colgate Rugby during this summer's reunion weekend! 


Colgate Women's Rugby Season Update                        

September 7th - St. Bonaventure 

Colgate Women's Rugby stepped onto the pitch at St. Bonaventure eager to compete in their first game in over 18 months. The ruggers kicked off their long-awaited season with a level of intensity that had been boiling inside them during the noncompetitive 2020-2021 season. St. Bonaventure matched Colgate’s aggression in the first period, but this didn't stop Angie Parrizzi ‘22 from breaking through the defensive line for the first try of the game. St. Bonaventure followed shortly after with their first try, but Colgate’s Sarah Traenkle ’23 and Ellie Humphreys ‘24 secured the lead during the first period with another two tries, leaving the first period final at a close 15-5. The team brought equal aggression during the second half as Lauren Dirvonas ’23 successfully made two breakaways to earn ‘Gate another ten points on St. Bonaventure. The onslaught of rain failed to phase Colgate as Jess Dolcimascolo '22 secured the team another try. Despite the slippery ball, our players maintained the lead by passing to the outside, creating opportunities for Mariah Loiacono '24, Sophie Shaffer '22, and Kiara Hills '23 to score three consecutive tries within a short five minutes, putting Colgate at a thirty-point lead for the second period at 45-15. Refusing to let down. St. Bonaventure scored another four tries in this last stretch, however Colgate continued to fight back and finished strong with a final lead of 45-35.













The Raiders join St. Bonaventure for a post-match picture 


September 20th - West Chester
Colgate Women’s Rugby took on West Chester University in Pennsylvania early on a hot Saturday morning. The ruggers were determined to play with the same aggression they had brought to their previous game, but struggled to find their footing in the first half. West Chester managed to take control with their first try of the game at the sixth minute and persistently racked up points on Colgate. West Chester, noticing the ruggers’ difficulty to stay organized, managed to score another five tries on ‘Gate, concluding the first half with a score of 34-0. Putting the first half behind them, Colgate Rugby took half time to reset and ground themselves in what they had traveled to do: play Colgate Rugby. ‘Gate began to match the aggression of West Chester by emphasizing the skills they are capable of - their ability to stop potential passes, strongly secure rucks, and push through the defense line. Shortly into the second half, Colgate managed to score their first try as Ellie Humphreys ‘24 fought through the defensive line. Kristen Mast ‘23 subsequently converted the try. Although West Chester remained in control, the ‘Gate ruggers remained resilient until the match concluded with a final score of 87-7.                  














                                                                                              Every scrum 'gate!   

September 27th - Cornell University
On homecoming weekend, Colgate Women’s Rugby excitedly took to the pitch against Cornell for their first home game of the season. The ruggers began with both aggression and high intensity as scrum-half and team captain Sophie Shaffer ’22 scored the first try of the game. Colgate worked to pass the ball towards the outside, enabling Sarah Traenkle ’23 to sprint the ball to the try zone up along the sideline. Defensively, our players stayed connected and launched up to put pressure on Cornell's offense. Capitalizing on Colgate's offsides penalties after defensive rucks, Cornell made it to the try line in the middle of the first half for their first try of the match. Shortly after, Sophie Shaffer ’22 and Kristen Mast ’23 managed to score another two tries, concluding the first half of the match with a 20-7 lead. Colgate’s Sophie Shaffer ’22 kicked off the second half of the match by scoring another try on Cornell. Cornell aspired to match our ruggers’ aggression, but struggled to surpass it as Sarah Traenkle ’22, Sophie Shaffer ’22, and Kiara Hills ’23 broke through the defensive line for additional tries for the team. 'Gate's offensive line set Jess Dolcimascolo ‘22 up to scored two tries on Cornell, one of which was converted by Colgate's kicker, Kristen Mast ’23. As the match closed out at a final score of 53-7, 'Gate’s ruggers and alumni fan base were proud of their first home game of the season. 









                                                                                  Colgate Women's Rugby aloof     
October 4th - American International College

‘Gate’s ruggers stepped out on the turf in Springfield, Massachusetts aiming to put up a tough fight for the AIC Yellow Jackets. As the match began, it was evident that AIC would not hesitate to bring out the intensity and aggression they are renowned for. Colgate had a slow start to the game and AIC took the lead, ultimately putting 52 points on the board with their strong ball-work and tight rucks. Offensively, our players saw the benefits of their rigorous training, keeping the ball flowing smoothly when they gained possession. However, Colgate still felt a mental block, and found themselves unable to score during the first half of the match, concluding with a score of 52-0. Keeping their heads up, the ruggers took to the turf for the second half with the determination to keep up the fight. Offensively, ‘Gate continued to keep the ball flowing smoothly and greatly improved by securing rucks and quickly barreling their opponents in order to maintain possession of the ball. Our players continued to successfully work the ball towards the outside, ultimately allowing Hannah Meyerowitz ‘25 to take control and break away to score Colgate’s first try of the game. The Raiders found their footing and were able to finish the match off slowing the Yellow Jacket's lead, playing with the level of intensity and aggression they knew they were capable of. Ultimately, the match ended at a score of Colgate 5 - AIC 90.

October 18th - University at Buffalo

After a much-needed fall break, the ruggers were ready to get back to business and play the game they love. Starting off strong, ‘Gate stepped foot on the field with the teamwork and intensity they need for success. Fullback Sarah Traenkle ’23 scored the first try, securing the first points of the game for our Colgate ruggers. Colgate’s 8-man Vanessa Perez-Marquez ’22 was the next to put numbers to our name with a try that was converted by Hannah Meyerowitz ’25. Soon after, Kristen Mast ’23 scored another try for 'Gate, and followed it by converting it herself. To finish out the first half, both Sarah Traenkle ’23 and Sarah Neubecker ’22 scored another two tries for Colgate, both of which were converted again by Kristen Mast ’23 and Hannah Meyerowitz ’25. Keeping their opponents away from the try line for the entirety of the first half, Colgate managed to close out the first half of the match with a score of 33-0. Matching the same intensity and teamwork in the second half, Jess Dolcimascalo ’22 scored three consecutive tries, the first of which was converted by Hannah Meyerowitz ’25. Soon after, University at Buffalo finally managed to put points to their name as they scored their one and only try of the match. Colgate was determined to finish this match off the same way they had been playing from the beginning, and Lauren Dirvonas ’23, Ellie Humphreys ’24, and Sarah Traenkle ’23 scored another three tries, the first of which was converted by Kristen Mast ’23. Keeping up good teamwork and aggression throughout the game, Colgate quickly paved their path to success and a final score of 67-5.
















                                                              Colgate Women's Rugby after their win against Buffalo

October 30th - Syracuse University
Colgate stepped foot on the pitch at Syracuse with enthusiasm and determination to begin a match amidst the rain and mud. The team had their heads in the game from the very beginning of the match and were eager to secure an exemplary spot in the playoffs. One of Colgate’s seniors, Jess Dolcimascolo ’22, secured the first points on board. The ruggers continuously kept the ball flowing smoothly, allowing them to make several shifty moves and ultimately easy break-aways and gain significant yardage each time. Despite the Syracuse's resistance and the difficult swamp-like conditions, Colgate’s Sarah Traenkle ’23 and Kristen Mast ’23 were able to break away and beat Syracuse to the try-line , both of which were converted by Kristen Mast ’23. To finish out the first half, another one of Colgate's seniors, Sarah Neubecker ’22, also managed to power through the line of defense and make her way to the try line for the final try of the first half. Colgate was able to keep Syracuse off the board before halftime, securing a score of 24-0. Although they were unable to get any more points to their name in the second half and to keep their opponents entirely away from the try-line, Colgate was thrilled to have won their match with a final score of 24-12. As a Colgate Rugby tradition, the team thanked seniors Sophie Shaffer, Sarah Neubecker, Jess Dolcimascolo, Rose Corcoran, Nicole Ventura, Angie Parrizzi, and Vanessa Perez-Marquez for leaving their mark on the game and on the Colgate community by presenting them with posters after the game.

                                                                                 Colgate Women's Rugby seniors

Remaining Schedule

Colgate Women's Rugby is excited to travel to Syracuse for the NCR Regional Championships! They will compete against Kent State University on Saturday, November 13th and if they win, they will move on to the quarterfinals on the 14th where they will play the winner of the Notre Dame College vs. Roger Williams University game. Go 'Gate! 

Colgate Men's Rugby Season Update                        

August 28th - St. Bonaventure University

On August 28th, the men’s team ended their preseason on Academy Field with a match against the #4 team in Division 1 rugby, St. Bonaventure University. After a week of training and preparation, the team entered this match with much anticipation. With the addition of new players, along with the experience of the upperclassmen, the boys were excited to see the potential of this year’s squad. This opening was extremely competitive and our boys fought hard; facing a tough opponent gave the team an opportunity to build up experience and prepare for future games in the season. The final score of the match was Colgate 0 - St. Bonaventure 38.
















                                                        Colgate and St. Bonaventure men's rugby teams post-match

September 15th - Syracuse University

On September 15th, the team hosted the Syracuse University men’s team. This development match gave the younger players an opportunity to gain experience and increase their rugby knowledge. Our second side was able to come together and compete against Syracuse’s University first side to provide them a tough match making their opponents earn every meter and every point. Flyhalf Tommy McHale ‘25 was able to convert three kicks, two penalties and one conversion, and Philip Dulock ‘24 was able to cross over the white wash for a try. The team fought through the rainy weather and made their way into the try zone in the second half. The final score of the match was Colgate 13 - Syracuse 41.

September 18th - Iona College

On September 18th, the men’s team traveled to New Rochelle to face Iona College. After disappointing cancellations with Cornell, Ithaca, Rochester Institute of Technology, the team was ready to get back on the pitch. The match was aired on ESPN3, and the boys fought hard. In the first half, the Iona Gaels struck hard using their bruising forwards to gain meters and the team held their own defensively and were able to make some quick-witted offensive plays. Late in the second half, the team was awarded a penalty. With a quick tap from Tommy McHale ‘25, the team was able to get the ball out wide. An offload from lock Djibril Diallo ‘22 to wing Kevin Reim ‘22 resulted in the team’s first try. The team played a great second half, scoring another try with fifteen minutes left in the match. A big drive downfield put the team on the Gaels try line. An assist from flanker Frankie McLaughlin ‘24 to wing Xavier Lacoste ‘24 gave the team a well-earned second try. With a tough match behind us, the final score was Colgate 12 - Iona 48. 


September 25th - Fordham University

This year’s homecoming match took place on Academy Field against the Fordham Men’s Rugby team. At 2 o’clock on September 25th, the men kicked off their game in front of an eager crowd of current students and alumni. The match was very fast paced and competitive as Colgate expected it would be. The team played tough and fought hard in every play. With Fordham scoring first, the boys were pushing hard for a try. An unexpected interception and line break from Captain Ethan Gruber ‘22 gave Colgate its first try of the game. Fordham presented a strong defense that was not easily broken, but later on in the match, Jack Kelly ‘23 was able to drive through their defensive wall and run in for the team’s second try of the day. Down 24-10 in the last couple minutes of the match, the team found themselves inside Fordham’s 22 with a lineout. The forward squad took this opportunity to create a maul off the lineout to push flanker Frankie McLaughlin ‘24 into the tryzone for the last score of the match. Although the team did not walk away with a victory, we proved to be tough competitors throughout the entire, making this matchup to be no easy feat for Fordham. The final score of the game was Colgate 17 - Fordham 24.














                                                                      Colgate Men's Rugby Alumni on Academy Field

October 16th - University of Albany

On yet another rainy and muddy day, the team faced off against the University of Albany on Academy Field. After returning from their fall break, the men were well rested and excited to get back onto the pitch. The team started the game off with disciplined offense, moving through the phases across the entire field. In the first half, the boys scored eight tries. Ethan Gruber '22, Sam Carman '24, Spencer Hill '24, Mike Levinger '22, and Kevin Reim '22 were all able to fight their way into scoring position. Wing Kevin Reim '22 played an amazing first half, scoring three tries against Albany's squad. Sam Carman also put up multiple tries in the first half, scoring two early on. With three conversions in the first half, Colgate was up 44-0 at halftime. The team continued their domination in the second half, scoring four more tries. Kevin Reim '22 kicked off the second half with his fourth try of the game. Ethan Gruber '22 was able to push through Albany's lines once more to get his second try. Simon Fisher '21, a new addition to the team, closed the game, scoring his first two tries. With the hard work and offensive execution of our starting squad, the final score of the game was Colgate 70 - Albany 0. 

After the first squad's match, our JV squad took the field. This squad continued the team's trend of dominating the field offensively, scoring eleven tries. Noah Guo '24, Josh Noteboom '25, Ethan Hamlin '25, Mavric Crotty '25, Amaan Shaikh '22 , Djibrill Diallo '22, Danny Chu '25, Ben Brodeur '24, and Andrew Ferrante '22 were all able to get through Albany and into the try zone. After a fast-paced match, the final score was Colgate 65 - Albany 0. 















                                                                   Colgate Men's Rugby #11 Dodging the Defensive Line

October 22nd - American International College

On October 22nd, the men's team made the trek out to Springfield, Massachusetts to play American International College. Kicking off at 7:30 under the lights, the match was underway. The team faced a strong and physical AIC men's squad. The team fought hard in the first half, playing a defensive game. With strong lineouts from the forward squad, the team was able to create some opportunities. AIC held strong, stalling Colgate's efforts. At the beginning of the second half, the men came out and fought even harder, fighting in rucks and getting low for tackles. The team was able to poach the ball by beating the offense to the rucks a couple of times, giving Colgate more opportunities offensively. This turned out to be one of the team's most fast-paced and physical games this season. The final score of the match was American International College 57 - Colgate 0.


















                                                              Colgate Men's Rugby Team Standing for the National Anthem 

October 30th - Stony Brook University

On Saturday October 30th, Colgate Rugby welcomed Stony Brook University to Academy Field. With our Fall season coming to a close, the Seniors took the field with excitement. At 1:30pm, the match began on the muddy Academy Field. The team came out strong against Stony Brook, executing offensively. The team dominated lineouts and created plenty of scoring opportunities. Not only did the boys show out offensively, but they also hit hard on defense, preventing Stony Brook’s offense from gaining momentum. Our squad put up four tries in the first half. Ben Pelino ‘21, Mavric Crotty ‘25, Djibril Diallo ‘22, and Kevin Reim ‘22 were able to push through the mud and Stony Brook’s defense to touch the ball down for a try. With the second half came more opportunities for scoring, as the team did not let up their efforts. Ret Beauregard ‘23 and Ethan Gruber ‘22 scored their first tries of the game, and Ben Pelino ‘21, Kevin Reim ‘22, and Djibril Diallo ‘22 were able to make their way into the try zone for a second time. Although the men came out covered in mud, they also came out with huge smiles on their faces. The seniors left all of their effort out on the pitch and it showed. The final score was Colgate 51 - Stony Brook 12.

















                                                                                              Colgate Men's Seniors

















                                                                                                   Colgate Scrum

Remaining Schedule

With the fall season coming to an end, the men look forward to a competitive spring season.

Season Update

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