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Colgate Preseason

Kaleigh Wright

Aug 30, 2022

This past week the Women's Rugby Team returned to campus to kick off their 2022 15's season. They were full of smiles and energy, excited to be back with the team and back on the pitch. Preseason took place over 7 days and finished with a scrimmage against the Uticuse Women's Club Team.

Every morning started with recovery and self-care from 7am to 10am. It was then followed by a team meeting at 11am for a classroom session. There they learned their new field position setup as well as proper defense and attack tactics. Plays were named, drills were explained and anticipation to step out on the field grew. Then from 3pm to 6pm, they were on the pitch putting into play everything they learned. They progressed from a passing-focused practice to tackling and FOG (fight on ground), and eventually touch. On their active rest day, they had the opportunity to spend their afternoon in a boxing class where they delved into proper footwork and some fun team bonding.

Their game against Uticuse was, as Coach Chapman likes to say, “a great learning opportunity.” Their opponents came out the gate strong and put them right to work on the defensive side. However, Colgate’s new captains showed their skills on the pitch and took command with ease. This was also some of the rookie's first time playing 15’s so morale remained high. Not to mention the amazing support from the men's team, family members, and friends on the sidelines cheering them on the whole time. And while they were definitely one of the tougher opponents the team will face this year, it allowed them the opportunity to see both their strengths and weaknesses on the pitch which Chapman will use to shape their practices in the weeks to come. They ended the game in classic Colgate tradition with a BBQ food truck for both teams to share. They had what the sophomores like to call, “a pitch-nic” together on the pitch and recapped their favorite memories from the game.

This week the players look forward to Rookie Camp and meeting the future members of their team. They are also preparing for the UNYCRC Jamboree this coming Saturday and Sunday which Colgate will be hosting this year. These ruggers are so excited to introduce the class of 2026 to the beautiful game of rugby this week and hopefully see them on the pitch this weekend.


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