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November 3rd, 2022

Kaleigh Wright

Nov 3, 2022

The Colgate ruggers boarded a bus last Friday and embarked on a 7-hour journey to Pittsburgh. Early the next morning the players had the opportunity to meet and hear from former Colgate rugger, Ciara Pettinos '17. After some words of encouragement, the captains handed out jerseys and the team drove over to the dome, anticipation building. They went into the match with no expectations and were excited to see how they would match up against the University of Pittsburgh.

        Colgate came out strong in the first half, showing an immediate improvement in their tackling abilities. 23 minutes into the first half, senior and wing Cat Wang got the ball at the 40 and weaved her way through defenders, running the ball into the try zone for the first try of the game. Colgate dominated in scrums, pushing Pittsburgh back on every one. In the last minute of the first half, senior Lita Wright got the ball and had a breakaway down the center of the field, pushing off three defenders and scoring Colgate's second try of the day.  Colgate's ruggers have been working a decent amount on kicking this season and used it to their advantage, continually gaining yards and getting the ball out of their red zone throughout the game. Colgate ended the first half in the lead 12-0.

        The intensity picked up in the second half as Pittsburg came out with a try in the first 15 minutes. However, Colgate continued to excel in their defensive line, spacing out properly to prevent breakthroughs. With 15 minutes left in the game, sophomore Hannah Meyerwitz did a pick-and-go off of a breakdown and drove into the try zone for Colgate's third try. There were a lot more lineouts in the second half but seeing as that is one of Colgate's strong suits, it didn't slow them down. Colgate's players have been improving in their ability to hold up the other team's ball in their try zone and managed to do it again this game. Senior and captain Kristen Mast got the ball on the 10-meter line and sprinted into the try zone in the last minute of the game. The final whistle blew signaling the end of one of Colgate's most physical games yet. They jogged off the field with yet another win, 24-5.

        Colgate is proud to announce that due to their busy season full of success, they finished first in their league and secured an automatic bid to Regionals. They look forward to November 18th when they will be going to Pennsylvania for their first Regionals game and will be working hard for the next two weeks leading up to it.

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