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October 18, 2023

Vivian Klemmer

Oct 18, 2023

After two weeks off from having games, our womxn arrived at Academy Field this Saturday excited to play the long awaited game against Cornell University. There was extra excitement in the air, given that it was Homecoming Weekend! The Colgate ruggers put in a lot of hard work over the past few weeks and were excited for the returning alumni to see what they can do.

Cornell kicked the ball to Colgate and the game began. Colgate came out with intensity, running lines and making strong rucks. Colgate focused on passing the ball out to the sides and running it forward. After about five minutes, senior Captain Ellie Humphreys broke the Cornell line about 20 meters from their try zone, scoring the first try of the game. Cornell kicked the ball back, and the game continued. Colgate's forwards showed off the work they put into their lineouts over the past couple weeks, with Colgate getting most of them. Cornell's defense held strong, forcing our ruggers to work together and work as they brought the ball up the field. Junior Captain Hannah Meyerowitz was able to break through the defense, despite multiple ruggers trying to tackle her, and scored Colgate's second try, and the conversion afterwards. Ellie Humphreys scored a second try, with the conversion scored by Meyerowitz. 

  Colgate and Cornell went back and forth with the ball, forcing Colgate to implement their defensive line work, making sure to stay in a line and not leaving any gaps. When Colgate got the ball back, they showed off their backline work, as they quickly passed the ball out to the sideline to Sophomore winger Sarah Oley about 40 meters from Cornell's try line. Oley ran past multiple Cornell players, faked them out, and scored Colgate fourth try of the game. This concluded the half. After halftime, Meyerowitz kicked the ball off to Cornell, and Colgate went back to defense. Cornell eventually pushed the ball past our defense into the try zone, but not without a good fight from our ruggers. Colgate got the ball back. After some hard fought runs, rookie backs Halle Hatten and Katie Miller ran impressive lines and went back and forth with the ball. Halle Hatten broke through their defense, scoring Colgate's fifth try, and her first. Due to low numbers and for the safety of both teams, the game ended shortly after. 

Colgate came out on top this homecoming weekend, winning the match 31-5.  Colgate thanks their alumni for coming to watch and Cornell for playing such a fun, evenly matched game. This week, Colgate will be preparing to go up against Syracuse University this upcoming Sunday. 

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