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October 25th, 2022

Kaleigh Wright

Oct 25, 2022

Colgate's ruggers showed up to the pitch, excited for a great game against Cornell with their parents cheering from the sideline. The team had already played Cornell once this year so they spent the past week learning from that game and improving on areas that they felt weak in. The ruggers dedicated a lot of time to defensive work this week in terms of tackling and FOG (fighting on the ground) and the team was ready to get out there and play.  

        Colgate started off strong with captain and eight-man Ellie Humphreys sprinting down the sideline into the try zone in the first seven minutes of the game. Cornell put up a strong attack after that, holding Colgate in their red zone for 20 minutes, but Colgate's defense remained strong. As Cornell went to place the ball in the try zone, Colgate held it up and prevented a try. They proceeded to do this two more times, proving that the work they've been putting in this season to improve their defense is paying off. With five minutes left of the first half, senior Jasmin Lopez drove their way through three defenders, diving into the try zone for the second try of the game. Colgate's centers have been working on their kicks all season and were put to work kicking the ball forward and out to win Colgate lineouts. The whistle blew signaling the end of the first half and Colgate jogged off the field in the lead 10-0. 

        The intensity picked up in the second half with captain and scrum-half Sarah Traenkle getting the ball off of an offload and sprinting around into the center of the try zone within the first five minutes. Traenkle continued to be a force on the field and scored their second try of the game when they picked the ball off of a breakdown and dove into a gap in the try zone. Possession of the ball went back and forth as there were a decent amount of knock-ons from both teams, but Colgate capitalized on their possession as senior Lauren Dirvonas saw a gap between two pods and sprinted into the try zone for Colgate's fifth try. Some of Colgate's newest rookies got to play for the first time which brought up the energy in the rest of the team. With ten minutes left, Sarah Traenkle did another pick and go off of a breakdown and drove into the try zone scoring the last try of the game and securing a hat trick. The Colgate ruggers walked away with another win and their first shutout of the season, 36-0!

        Colgate thanks their parents for making the trip out to Hamilton for a great day and lots of cheers from the sidelines. The team also thanks their beloved seniors for the work they put in this season so far and surprised them with posters to celebrate senior day at their last home game of the season. The team looks forward to next weekend when they will be driving all the way to Pittsburgh to play against the University of Pittsburgh. 

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