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October 31st, 2023

Vivian Klemmer

Oct 31, 2023

Our Colgate ruggers walked onto the pitch Saturday morning with anticipation. It was the parents' weekend game against the University of Pittsburgh. For most of the team, this was their families' first time watching them play rugby. With this game being their second and final conference game of the season, the team felt like it was the perfect game to show their families everything they have been working on this fall. It was also Colgate womxn's rugby's senior day, so the team was looking forward to celebrate the teams two seniors, captains Ellie Humphreys and Mariah Loiocano!

 It was clear right off junior and captain's Hannah Meyerowitz's opening kick that our Colgate ruggers came to play. Backs and forwards alike were making strong hits, and Colgate was able to gain possession of the ball within a few minutes. Colgate got the ball up the field, and before long, freshman Halle Hatten broke through Pitt's line of defense about 15 meters from the try zone, scoring the first try of the game. Hannah Meyerowitz made the conversion, and Pitt kicked the ball back to Colgate. Soon after, Colgate brought the ball back into their 22, and Meyerowitz ran the ball through several Pitt players and scored Colgate's second try. Sophomore Vivian Klemmer scored another try for Colgate after picking the ball out of a ruck a few feet from Pitt's try line and diving the ball into the try zone. Meyerowitz scored the conversion. Our Colgate ruggers were on a scoring kick, with sophomore Sarah Oley receiving the ball inside Colgate's 22 and running past multiple Pitt defenders and scoring for Colgate. Meyerowitz made this conversion as well. Colgate continuously worked the ball to the outside, and Halle Hatten scored another try after an offload pass from freshman Quinn Heffernan about 20 meters from the try zone. Before the half ended, senior Captain Ellie Humphreys scored her first try of the game by running the ball through Pitt's line of defense. 

  Going into the second half, Colgate's main focus was counter-rucking the ball against Pitt on defense and supporting their own players in rucks on offense. Colgate got to show off their scrums and lineouts this half, with Colgate winning their own scrums and some of Pitt's. Pitt picked up the intensity this half, so Colgate worked on their defensive line and making strong, low tackles. Colgate was able to get the ball back by counter rucking and picking the ball out of the ruck. Halfway through the half, Ellie Humphreys made her second try of the game off of an 8-man pick about 15 meters from the try zone. Colgate worked on their offloads this half, with Vivian Klemmer scoring Colgate's second try of the half off of one from Halle Hatten. When the referee blew the whistle to end the game, our Colgate ruggers were in high sprits after playing such a good game and beating Pitt 46-41.

  After the game, our Colgate ruggers  celebrated their two seniors and their win against Pitt with a barbecue and their families. They would like to thank Pitt for coming up to Hamilton, NY for such a fun game. This week, Colgate will be preparing for the tournament they are hosting this upcoming weekend, with SUNY Brockport, Ithaca, and other Upstate NY teams. 

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