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October 8th, 2022

Kaleigh Wright

Oct 8, 2022

The long-anticipated game against Notre Dame College finally came to a head last Sunday. The Colgate ruggers put in a lot of hard work the week leading up to it going over scrums, tackling, and working on phases. It turned out to be a beautiful day as fans lined the sides and anticipation from both teams grew.

Colgate received the kickoff to begin the first half and came out strong against NDC. The intensity was high as the teams worked the ball to the sides and drove it forward. NDC scored the first three tries but had to fight hard for them as Colgate maintained their defensive line till the end. Thirty minutes into the first half, Colgate got the ball near NDC’s try zone and tried to drive it in but found themselves up against a tough wall. Finally, Captain and eight-man Ellie Humphreys picked the ball from a ruck and forced her way into the try zone for Colgate’s first try of the game. Notre Dame College put Colgate to work by returning all of Colgate’s kicks with their own, forcing Colgate to quickly adjust their lines. However, Colgate fought back when it came to lineouts, with freshman Vivian Klemmer winning almost all for Colgate. Notre Dame College scored the last try of the half putting them in the lead 20-5.

Captain Kristen Mast kicked the ball as the rest of the team launched up at NDC to start the second half. NDC did not back down when it came to rucking and fighting to place the ball on the ground, but Colgate’s ruggers have been working on that all season and were able to put up a good fight. Many players tried their hand at new positions this game and excelled anywhere Coach Chapman put them. Notre Dame managed to score 5 more tries but Colgate fought hard till the end. Captain Ellie Humphreys got the ball out of a scrum and stiff-armed her way down the sideline, securing Colgate’s second try of the game. While Notre Dame walked away with the win, 49-10, Colgate left with their heads held high as it was one of the best games they’d played all season. Between the tackles they made and phases they ran, Colgate’s ruggers saw just how intense and fun a rugby game can be.

Colgate thanks Notre Dame College for the journey they made from Ohio to Hamilton, New York, and the fight they put up. Colgate’s players go into this fall break ready for some well-earned rest, but excited to get back out on the pitch to prepare for their game against Binghamton University next Saturday.

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