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September 11th, 2023

Vivian Klemmer

Sept 11, 2023

After a fun day of scrimmaging and practicing with the Uticuse Club team on September 2nd and introducing their rookie ruggers to the wonderful sport of rugby, Colgate spent the week focusing on attack structure in preparation for this past weekend's game against the University of Buffalo. Anticipation and excitement to play grew as the team's first official match of the season drew near.

 Saturday morning, the team piled into cars and vans made the drive to Buffalo. With 10 rookies starting,  the team was excited to use this game as their introduction to a 15s match. The whistle blew, Buffalo kicked off, and the game began. The team set to work on implementing the new attack structure that Coach Corbett introduced. They worked on supporting the ball carrier and rucking. Freshman rookie Annika Stimac caught on quickly and stepped up into the scrum-half position for the team. Buffalo came out strong on the defensive end and gained possession of the ball early into the half. Colgate held their own on defense, with vets and rookies alike making strong tackles.

 The intensity picked up in the second half, with senior Captain Mariah Loiacono scoring a try 10 minutes in. The rookies improved and grew more comfortable on the pitch in the second half. The team is showing a lot of promise in their scrum work, with the forwards winning most of their own scrums, and many of Buffalo's, due to freshman rookie Alessandra Morales's ability to hook the ball to the team. The team held Buffalo to 0 tries, with junior Captain Hannah Meyerowitz holding one up. 

 After the game, Buffalo invited Colgate to enjoy some food and social before heading back to Hamilton. Colgate thanks Buffalo for the fun game, the food, and learning experience. Even though Colgate lost this weekend, the game was a great introduction to rugby for the rookies. This week, the team will be preparing for their first home game against Binghamton University. 

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