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September 16th, 2023

Vivian Klemmer

Sept 16, 2023

With clear skies and a slight breeze in the air, Saturday afternoon was perfect rugby weather. After a week of working on attack structure, supporting their teammates with the ball, and lineouts, the Colgate ruggers arrived at Academy field, eager to implement what they practiced on Binghamton University

 Binghamton kicked the ball to Colgate, and the game began. Colgate took off with intensity, with Senior Captain Ellie Humphreys scoring the first try of the game about five minutes in. Binghamton snuck in two tries afterwards, but Colgate did not let up. The team was able to bring the ball back to Binghamton's try zone, and Mariah Loiocano broke through their defense, scoring Colgate's second try of the game. Colgate got the ball back, and once again, Ellie Humphreys broke through their defense near the sideline, scoring again for Colgate. Rookies and vets alike were running lines and making critical runs for the team. Binghamton scored one more time, but the half ended with Colgate up.

        Colgate came out even stronger in the second half; Sophomore Zja'Kyla Brumfield stiff armed her way into the try zone, scoring her first 15s try. Binghamton tried to make their way through Colgate's try zone, but Hannah Meyerowitz held the ball up. Scrums overtook the second half of the game, with Colgate winning most of them. Binghamton fought hard and scored two more tries, but the Colgate ruggers made them work for it. Mariah Loiocano scored two more tries for Colgate, one being hard fight into the try zone. The time the team spent working on attack structure showed as the game progressed. The team grew more comfortable with moving the ball and working with one another to move the ball forwards. Ellie Humphreys ended up scoring one more try before the game ended. Hannah Meyerowitz scored four conversions for the team as well.

Colgate walked off the pitch with their first win of the season, beating Binghamton 43-26! Colgate enjoyed some good barbecue with Binghamton after the game. This upcoming week, Colgate will be working on their scrums, defense structure, and ball handling skills, as they prepare for their journey to Ohio to take on Kent State University this weekend.


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