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September 21st, 2022

Kaleigh Wright

Sept 21, 2022

Bright and early the Colgate ruggers hopped on a bus and drove to Cornell for Sunday’s match. The sun was shining in the blue sky as they took the field for a highly anticipated game against Cornell University.

Colgate stepped out onto the field with intensity but struggled to work fluently together in the beginning. The forwards endured their fair share of scrums this game, winning a decent amount but also looking forward to working on consistency with their positioning. Junior Mariah Loiacono scored the first try of the game, driving into the try zone off of a breakdown. The backs worked hard running plays, weaving through defenders, and gaining yards as captain and scrumhalf Sarah Traenkle forced their way into the try zone for the second try of the game. Their defensive line continued to work on pushing up together and staying flat which was a great improvement from their defensive positioning in last week’s game.

Colgate came out even stronger in the second half; rookie and freshman Nephileen Kattel had a fast breakaway down the sideline, cutting into the center of the try zone to score her first try. The rookies got a lot of game time on Sunday, being able to test out what they had been working on the past week. Senior Lita Wright had a breakaway in the second half, also scoring their first try of the season. Last week the players focused on rucking and counter rucking and they dominated them during the game. They also went over their new placement of the ball this past week and it proved to be a smart offensive move, helping them to secure the ball in their rucks. Captain and senior Kristen Mast placed the ball in the try zone after being tackled, scoring the last try of the game, and then followed up by kicking her own conversion. While the ruggers struggled to move the ball with ease during the first 60 minutes of the game, by the last 20 minutes it was as if everything clicked into place and the players passing and positioning came together seamlessly.

The Colgate ruggers walked away with another win, the final score ending at 29-14! Practice this week will consist of teaching the rookies our new attacking plays as well as scrum positioning and lineouts. The team is eager for the return of many beloved alumni for this Saturday’s homecoming game against the University of Buffalo!

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