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September 26th, 2023

Vivian Klemmer

Sept 26, 2023

At 5 am Saturday morning, our womxn's team left for their 6 hour bus ride to Akron, OH to play Kent State University. The team got off the bus at 1, and was greeted by the warm and sunny 70 degree Ohio weather. The anticipation was there while our Colgate ruggers warmed up before, what would be many of their first, a challenging and nationally ranked D1 team.

   Kent State kicked the ball to Colgate, and the game began! The Kent had the ball for the majority of the half, which allowed Colgate to work on their tackling. Kent State, with their strong back line and even stronger forwards, allowed Colgate to really work on their form and positioning to bring them down. With many rookie starters, this change of pace was tough, but the team eventually adapted, and strong tackles were being made across the whole team. Colgate got the ball back midway through the first half, and now it was time for Colgate to show their attack structure that they spent so much time on. Kent State held their own against our offense, but after after a strong fight, Ellie Humphreys broke through Kent State's defensive line about 10 meters from their try zone. Hannah Meyerowitz made the conversion, and Kent State kicked off. 

  After some hard fought minutes on offense and defense, Colgate won the ball off a line out, and the our ruggers backline work finally paid off. The  ball was passed out to the wing and rookie Freshman Halle Hatten ran through multiple Kent State players before off loading the ball to another rookie Freshman, Quinn Hefferman. Hefferman ran the ball into the try zone, giving Colgate its second try of the day. The half ended soon after, and by the beginning of the second half, it was clear that Colgate had become much more comfortable on the field. The second half was played with just as much intensity as the first. Due to a few injuries, Colgate had to play this half with a man down, but this didn't stop them from making impressive hits. The team worked hard this half, and their hard work  paid off in the end after Sophomore Vivian Klemmer scored the last try of the game, after a strong boom play from the forwards just feet away from the try zone. Junior captain Hannah Meyerowitz scored the conversion, which signaled the end of the game. 

  Kent State won this game, but Colgate walked off the pitch with their heads high. Our Colgate ruggers would like to thank Kent State for welcoming them in Ohio and for introducing them to the Division 1 style of rugby. The team is looking forward to the week ahead, ready to work on more attack structure, some tackling, and forward and backline work. 

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