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Spring Break

Kaleigh Wright

Mar 12, 2023

Sunday afternoon, Colgate's ruggers loaded the vans and headed to JFK Airport, excited for the week that lay ahead. They landed in Hamilton, Bermuda the next day and immediately headed to the beach to soak in their new surroundings. The players were ready for a week full of trainings and matches to kick off their seven's season.

        Each morning the ruggers would eat breakfast in the mess hall and then walk along the beach to their training session. On the first day, they focused on structure and attack, going over all of their plays. The following day, the players went over tracking and tackling and after taking a day off to explore Bermuda on Thursdays, they finished up their training sessions on Friday by practicing lineouts and scrums. While the trip was centered around rugby, the team was able to experience all that Bermuda had to offer. Between swimming in the ocean, exploring the nightlife, touring the famous Crystal Caves, walking through aquariums and zoos, and visiting Admiralty Bay, the players left with enough memories to last a lifetime.

        After their training session and beach time on Friday, the ruggers headed over to the Bermuda National Sports Centre for their first set of 7s matches. Colgate took the pitch against Rowan and came out strong with Captain Sarah Traenkle scoring early on. Capitalizing on Rowan's defensive flaws, Colgate maintained possession of the ball for the majority of the match allowing Senior Lita Wright to score their second try. Colgate's ruggers continue to fight aggressively with Captain Ellie Humphreys scoring the final two tries of the game, securing Colgate's win over Rowan, 22-0. The players went into their game against the Bermuda All Stars focusing on improving their positioning on the field by spreading out on both offense and defense and getting steeper. Captain Sarah Traenkle ran the ball into the try zone for the first try of the game and the team's intensity continued to climb as Bermuda quickly followed up with two tries. Rookie Zja'Kyla Brumfield managed to place the ball in Bermuda's try zone while being tackled, evening out the scoreboard. In the final minute of the game, Senior Lauren Dirvonas scored on a breakaway, securing a 15-10 win for the Colgate ruggers.

        The team headed back to Bermuda's National Sports Centre on Saturday for their second day of the tournament. Their first game against Rowan proved to be more challenging than the day before as Rowan set up stronger on defense this time around. However, Colgate's attention to spreading out and getting steeper on attack paid off as Captain Ellie Humphreys and Senior Lauren Dirvonas both scored tries off of breakaways. Colgate jogged off the field with another win over Rowan, 12-0. In their Championship match against Bermuda, Bermuda took an early lead with the first try of the game which was quickly followed by a try for Colgate from Captain Ellie Humphreys. While Bermuda got two more tries, Colgate came into the second half stronger than ever with rookie Vivian Klemmer scoring two tries. Colgate's strength in offloads and cohesive passes aided them in gaining the lead which was solidified by Ellie's third try of the day. The ruggers walked away with their fourth win of the tournament, beating Bermuda 22-10. 

        Colgate walked away with an undefeated record and some nice hardware to remember the tournament by. The ruggers would like to thank the Bermuda All Stars for hosting a once-in-a-lifetime tournament for Colgate to be a part of. The players are looking forward to continuing their sevens season with a game against St. Bonaventure this coming Sunday. 

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